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There are many quotes about kindness from famous people, but one of the best is this:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

As this month represents a “random act of kindness month” we are in the perfect profession to deliver something exceptional to our clients. Whilst we are paid to support our clients, a client will always notice when someone providing care and support steps up to the next level to make their day. Simple things make a huge difference, this might be as simple as…

  • Offering to make a client a cup of tea before you leave the service.
  • Providing a cool drink to a client on a hot day without them asking for it.
  • Bringing the washing in from the clothes line, without being asked.
  • Simply taking the time to sit down and ask a client “how they are feeling today”.

These are all little things, that speak volumes about how you care for your clients…and they get noticed.

Do you wake up each day hoping the day will pass quickly so you can get back home, or do you wake up and consciously think “what can I do today that will make a real difference in someone’s life”?

If your attitude is like the second statement, then you WILL deliver exceptional support and care for your clients, that they will never forget!

If you make someone feel special, and important they will never forget you (this applies in both your personal and professional life).

This should be our aim not just on “kindness months” but with every service we deliver.

The fact that you have chosen age and disability care as your profession already makes you a very special person, so now your focus should be on being the most exceptional support worker you can be!

Kind regards,

Rod Laycock

Chief Executive Officer

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