Feedback And Complaints

Meditech takes all feedback and complaints very seriously and welcomes them as an opportunity to improve our services. We encourage open and honest communication. You can let us know what we have done well, where we need to improve and where we have made a mistake.

What can I give feedback about?

You can give compliments about anything we have done well or suggestions for how we can do something better.

What can I make a complaint about?

You have a right to complain to Meditech, or the relevant external body, regarding any issue or mistakes we may have made during the delivery of our services, or in connection with our services.

Your rights

We are committed to upholding your rights, including the right to:

• Make a complaint in writing or verbally to any contact person within Meditech you choose.

• Be free from any reprisal following a complaint, such as any change to, or cancellation of, services.

• Be supported to report your complaint to the relevant external body if you are not satisfied with the way we respond to a complaint.

• Be involved in decisions related to resolving a complaint.

• Having your privacy and confidentiality protected.

• Remaining anonymous if you choose.

Our complaints procedure

The manager investigating the complaint will discuss the details of the complaint with you, or if you prefer, your family, carer, or advocate, including the outcomes you would like to see.

You will receive an acknowledgment of the complaint within 5 days, which will include the expected time-frame for your complaint to be resolved.

If appropriate, we will conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding your complaint.

You will receive information on the outcomes of your complaint within 4 weeks and be given the chance to lodge an appeal or refer the complaint to an external body if you are dissatisfied with the resolution.

We will use your complaint to review our systems, policies and procedures to improve our services.

Our obligations

For all complaints made to us we will:

• Treat all complainants with dignity and respect.

• Resolve complaints, where possible to the satisfaction of the complainant.

• Keep you involved and informed of developments regarding your complaint.

• Apologise if we have made a mistake.

• Maintain records regarding your complaint.

• Provide support to access translation, advocacy, or other support services where appropriate.

• Report any breaches of legislation to the relevant authority.

Some complaints can be resolved on the spot; however, others may require an investigation which can take time. Meditech will endeavour to resolve complaints as soon as we can, and keep you informed of the process.

Lodging an appeal

You may lodge an appeal if you don’t agree with a decision made by us. An appeal should be made in writing by email or post and submitted to the Business Manager.

If you are still not satised with the outcome, you can contact the following relevant external body:

• NSW Ombudsman or call 1800 451 524
• Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission or call 1800 951 822
• NDIS Commission or call 1800 035 544

How to make a complaint or send us feedback

You can send us your feedback or complaint by:

• Completing the Feedback and Complaints Form below.

• You can also download the form and send it to:

• Written complaints can be posted to:

Meditech Staffing
Attn: Feedback and Complaints
PO Box 1439

Strathfield NSW 2135

• You can also phone our head office on (02) 9764 4488.

Anonymous complaints may be made by post or tick the “I wish to remain anonymous” option in the form below.

Feedback and Complaints Form

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